Why You Need 3PN

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What's 3PN & Why You Need It:  3PN stands for Personal & Property Protection Number. 3PN is the simplest, most cost effective way to mark and recover your property while maintaining your privacy. Our system protects your identity while making it easy for others to return your property.

The Common Question: How do you display ownership of your property without revealing your identity or personal information, e.g., home address, phone number, email address?   The answer is 3PN!

The Common Scenairo:  It is a statistical fact that everyone reading this article has lost something of value (example: ipad, cell phone, pet) and never got it back.  Here is a common scenario:  You discover that you have misplaced/lost your sunglasses but you can’t remember where.  It turns out that you accidentally left them at a restaurant you visited earlier in the day.  Without some identifying feature (i.e., your personal information), the restaurant owner has no idea to whom they belong.  Most businesses would love to return them, but with no ability to identify the owner they are either tossed in the trash can or given away. People need a way to mark their property while maintaining their privacy.

The 3PN Solution:  Now, imagine that your sunglasses have your 3PN number on them. The restaurant owner sees your 3PN number and with only a few mouse clicks on 3PN.COM, the restaurant owner sends you a message informing you that he has your sunglasses.  The 3PN system makes it possible to recover lost items while protecting your personal identity.  

The 3PN Advantage:  The unique 3PN notification process makes the 3PN network a (virtual) real-time property recovery solution if you have a smart phone.

For example:  what if you were taking a trip and left your electronic item (Kindle, Laptop computer, iPod, etc.) on the airplane. The clean-up crew finds your item and the Airline is able to send a message directly to you via  3PN.com.  It could be possible to recover your item before you even depart the airport – saving you time and money.   3PN makes is possible for you to recover your property within minutes of losing it!  

Although the 3PN system is designed to be easy and fast, it never compromises the 3PN Member's personal information.