3PN is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned business



What is 3PN?
Why was 3PN invented?
How does 3PN work?
What kind of items can 3PN be used for?
How do I create a 3PN account/become a member?
What is the 3PN registration process?
Does 3PN sell any personal information?
What is a "Personal Inventory Database?
What do I do if I receive a message that my property has been found?
How do people report a found item?
How much does it cost to have an item returned?
Can 3PN numbers be removed from an item?
Will 3PN deter theft?
Will law enforcement agencies recognize a 3PN number?
Does 3PN work worldwide?
What about the privacy of 3PN members?
Are there any other benefits to a 3PN Membership?

What is 3PN?    Back to Top

3PN stands for Personal & Property Protection Number. 3PN is the simplest, most cost effective way to mark and recover your property while maintaining your privacy.  Our system protects your identity while making it easy for others to return your property. You will wonder how you ever did without a 3PN membership.

Why was 3PN invented?    Back to Top

The idea for the 3PN system was originally conceived for US military personnel to uniquely mark their property (i.e., to prove ownership) during a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move.  It is well known in military circles that once a service member moves, it is virtually impossible to recover any items that may have accidentally been left behind or lost during shipment, but with 3PN that is no longer the case. Now, anybody (i.e., Shipping Companies, Police Departments, Lost & Found Departments, neighbors, co-workers, etc.) with access to the INTERNET or a phone can use 3PN.com to report a found item.  The bottom-line: 3PN is the best solution to worldwide property recovery – PERIOD!

How does 3PN work?    Back to Top

 3PN works by our members having a unique number registered to them.  Members then are able to place their 3PN number on their personal items. The presence of a 3PN number affirms that the item is traceable to the member.  When an item is found, the finders (e.g., police, airline employees, hotel staff, or a good citizen) simply follows the instructions on the 3PN label to return the item. This is done either on-line using the 3PN network or by calling 855-376-2010. Using our patented 3PN process, anybody can send a message directly to a member.  (PLEASE NOTE: the 3PN member’s identity is not visible to the finder of  your property).  Lastly, we leave it up to the 3PN member to determine how an item will be returned.

What kind of items can 3PN be used for?    Back to Top

  • Anything that you want to keep should be marked with your 3PN.  To list a few items:
  • Electronics
  • Glasses and sunglasses
  • Guns
  • Tools
  • Luggage
  • Pets
  • Camping/RV equipment
  • Sporting goods
  • Musical equipment
  • School supplies
  • Text books
  • Memory cards/thumb drives
  • Rings and watches
  • Important documents
  • Furniture
  • Items of sentimental value
  • Almost anything else you can imagine!


How do I create a 3PN account/become a member?    Back to Top

Go to the 3PN homepage and click on the “SIGN UP NOW!" button.  Follow the instructions and begin enjoying the benefits of being a 3PN member!

What is the 3PN registration process?    Back to Top

Sign up and create a unique 3PN number. Registration requires a valid home and email address. (Refer to user agreement for more details).

Does 3PN sell any personal information?    Back to Top

NO.  3PN is in the business to protect your identity, so we ensure your personal information is safe and secure.  3PN will never sell, trade, nor exchange any of your personal information – PERIOD.  We are committed to your confidentiality (Please read our Privacy Policy).

What is the 3PN "Personal Inventory Database?    Back to Top

As a 3PN member, we provide you with the ability to create a massive 1000 item online database/inventory list. This service is for you to keep track of your personal items.  Only you have access to this database as it is for your personal use. The purpose of this feature is to provide you a safe online database to list your property. This will prove invaluable for any type of future insurance claim.

What do I do if I receive a message that my property has been found?    Back to Top

After receiving notification that your item has been found, we recommend the following three steps:

  1. Contact: Contact the person who sent you the message by using the finder’s contact information listed in the message details.
  2. Double-Check: Double check to verify that the item’s 3PN number is in fact yours.  Additionally, we recommend that you have an alternate method of verification, e.g., asking the finder to provide the actual serial number or to provide a physical description of the item.  (Hint: If you take the time to list your items in your personal “3PN Inventory List” you will have the information at your fingertips.)
  3. Evaluate: Evaluate the situation and decide how you want the item returned. In most cases, you will be able to arrange for local pick up, however, in some cases the item may have to be mailed to you. In the latter case, you may use a shipping service (e.g., FedEx, UPS, USPS) to return your item.  We at 3PN believe you are the best at choosing how to retrieve your property, however, we are researching methods to assist you in this process.

How do people report a found item?    Back to Top

When someone finds an item with a 3PN number on it,  they should go to 3PN.com to make a report. They can either click the “Found an Item” button and fill out the message form (or) call 855-376-2010. The message is then routed through the 3PN network to the 3PN member’s confidential email address on file.  The 3PN member will determine how to proceed. An arrangement for return may include shipment by a major shipping carrier such as FedEx or USPS. Another option is for the 3PN member to pick up the item directly since most items are lost close to home.
NOTE:  When retrieving an item from someone you don't know, 3PN highly recommends meeting at a safe location (i.e. police station, sheriff’s department, etc.)

How much does it cost to have an item returned?    Back to Top

It depends on a variety of factors and none are known until an item is actually found.  All shipping and handling charges vary based on shipping method and size and weight of the item. It is the responsibility of the 3PN member to pay for all fees associated with the return of the item. (exception: 3PN Key Return Tag service, 3PN covers this cost)

Can 3PN numbers be removed from an item?    Back to Top

It depends on how your items are marked. 3PN offers templets to print labels in the main navigation bar. But in the real world, labels are for honest people – thieves can tear them off.   For some items, we recommend a more permanent solution, i.e., have your 3PN number engraved on your item.

Will 3PN deter theft?   
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You bet! Police state that thieves are more hesitant to steal marked property. Even criminals don’t want to be in possession of an item that is easily traceable to the rightful owner. In the future, second hand dealers (i.e. pawn shops) may be required to report any item that has a 3PN number prior to resale.

Will law enforcement agencies recognize a 3PN number?    Back to Top

3PN is actively engaging police departments across the country so that they are familiar with 3PN.com and how they can notify the owner's of lost or stolen property.

Does 3PN work worldwide?    Back to Top

Of course, the 3PN network is an INTERNET bridge that connects property to people, as such, anybody with INTERNET access can report an item with a 3PN number. 3PN is currently working on expanding our website to include multiple languages.

What about the privacy of 3PN members?    Back to Top

3PN is a secure system that uses encryption to protect our members’ private information.  We use a secure server for all 3PN activity – 3PN does not share its members’ information with any third parties without the member’s explicit permission, except for use in returning property to owners, and in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. See our Privacy Policy for additional details.

Are there any other benefits to a 3PN Membership?    Back to Top

Absolutely!  As discussed previously, 3PN offers unique services that members can use. See list below:

  1. 3PN Vault – This is a unique feature that we call the “Member Identification Verification" service. You can prove ownership of your 3PN number to somebody else by being able to match information kept in your Vault.  All data in your Vault is protected by a PIN that your select (note: you won't find it on any other web site!)
  2. 3PN Personal Inventory Database - A personal inventory database that you may use to store up to 1000 individual items.