FREE 3PN Membership

To become a member, you must first select a 3PN number by using one of the options below. You can create a number yourself or have our system randomly generate a number for you. Click the "Help Me" button below for examples.

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Option 1

Get a Random 3PN

If you do not want to select your own number, you may use our Random Number generator. Just click on the "Go Random" button and we will choose a number for you.

Option 2

Enter Your Own 3PN

Choose 13 characters (either numbers or letters or a combination of both). For examples you can click on the "Help Me" button above. Your number is subject to availability.

NOTE: 3PN Number has format of 3PN - 10 CHARACTERS - 3 CHARACTERS
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Free Activation


  • Up to Ten "3PN Numbers": A 3PN number is a unique identification  number (example: 3PN-xxxxxxxxxx-xxx)  that you can use to mark your property. Using your new 3PN number eliminates the risk of identity theft because you no longer need to put your personal information (e.g., name, home address, phone number,email address, etc.) on your property. The "3PN" at the beginning of the number lets others know the number is searchable on
  •    Vault Access: For more info click here. 
  •    Personal Inventory Database: For more info click here.